It is a legal requirement of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 and the Fire Services Act 1981/2003 to ensure your fire safety equipment is serviced and maintained annually. EMS & Associates provide servicing and maintenance of portable fire fighting equipment on your premises.  With our service you are assured that all fire equipment is properly located and easily accessible and that it is the suitable fire fighting medium for your fire risks. You can be confident that all extinguishers are fully charged and ready for immediate use.

Our 6-Step service programme to Irish Standard 291:2015 includes:

  1. Visual inspection and checking of all extinguishers on site:- The Check List items include:- weight, tamper seal, safety pin, pressure gauge, squeeze-grip valve, hose / nozzle, instruction label, cleanliness and wall bracket.
  2. Numbering and Re-numbering of all extinguishers as required
  3. Temporary Replacement & Discharge Testing to I.S.291:2015
  4. Updating of existing service label or fitting of a new one
  5. Completion of Maintenance Report / Certificate
  6. Review of extinguisher placement, sizes and types and preparation of a list of recommendations if required.

Following on from our servicing we supply you with a Fire Maintenance Report detailing the servicing work, pressure testing and maintenance that has been carried out. This report should be held on file as demonstration of your duty of care. We also supply you with a “Fire Safety Certificate” indicating that your equipment has been properly serviced for a 12 month period.

For all of your fire servicing needs please feel free to contact us for a competitive quote………….


The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) have recently updated the standards applicable to the selection, commissioning, installation, inspection and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. Click to go to the NSAI Website

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