Managing Fire Safety Management in your Workplace & Home

EMS & Associates supply and install the Evac+Chair, a range of single person operation chairs to ensure the smooth and safe evacuation of disabled or otherwise physically impaired individuals from a building or home environment in the event of an emergency.

Against a background of fire safety and health and safety legislation obliging organisations and individuals to ensure the safe and swift evacuation of every person in their building, whether they are employee, contractors, visitors or service users the Evac+Chair provides the ideal solution. Emergency Evacuation Planning must take into account wheelchair bound, and those with “hidden” disabilities (such as asthmatics, or those suffering from arthritis, back injuries, heart conditions etc.)

The Evac+Chair, available in three models, is light and easy to use, and affords users a smooth and controlled descent through the use of the continuous friction belts tracking system which glides over the stair edgings. The friction belts grip the nosing of the stairs providing a smooth descent while the passenger’s weight provides a gentle braking action. For travelling in corridors the Evac+Chair has a kickstand that will immediately transform the chair into a wheelchair. Before going down the stairs the kickstand is folded away.

The chair is installed by EMS & Associates (as required) at the fire exit point on each floor. Full training in the use of the unit is provided which will help the person undertsand their role more fully and give them confidence in the use of the chair. Additionally a CD-Rom is provided with each unit to aid in the training process.

The chair comes complete with wall mounting brackets, dust cover and photo luminescent sign.

EMS - Evac Chair - 300H

EMS & Associates offer three models of the Evac+Chair:

Evac+Chair 300H: The standard model Evac+Chair featuring 150kg payload capacity and a blue textured finish with contrasting yellow hammock.

Evac+Chair 600H: A modified 300H that allows a two person operation for locations with difficult access, and a blue textured finish with contrasting yellow hammock.

EVAC+Chair 500H: A modified 300H but designed for narrow aisle transportation of passengers with registered mobility impairments; it easily accesses most aircraft’s.

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