If you have to ask that question then the answer is probably YES. Fire costs more than just money, many businesses and organisations face potential ruin in terms of financial hardship, job losses, client loss and service loss. It is an integral part of any management strategy to look at risk in your place of work.

Fire Risk Assessment & Hazard Identification Audit

EMS & Associates can carry out a Fire Risk & Hazard Identification Audit to establish your current fire safety rating and to provide a programme of improvements where needed. The enhanced fire safety and assessment of risk that we provide is something that we anticipate will assist in maintaining and possibly reducing the level of insurance premiums. The aim of our fire risk assessment is not to merely comply with legislation such as the Fire Services Act 1981/2003 but to deliver an effective and efficient fire safety management strategy.

EMS & Associates have years experience in providing clear and concise Safety Management and Fire Safety Systems for a wide range of clients. All of our Safety Consultants have extensive industry and training backgrounds. All assessments are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy. We have a range of Fire Engineering Consultants with a broad range of industrial experience available if required.

EMS & Associates offer a range of Fire Services including the provision of Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Equipment Maintenance and Fire Safety Training. If you would like further details please click on these links…..

Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Equipment Maintenance

Fire Safety Training

Using a Fire Extinguisher

Fire Safety in your Home Advice

Emergency Evacuation Chair


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