EMS & Associates provide a range of Occupational Health & Safety Related Services to meet your legal, moral and economic obligations. These obligations are the cornerstone of an effective Safety Management System. We are proud of the fact that our longevity is due to our client and service focus. Since 1995, we have specialised in project managing all client requirements to ensure not only compliance but best practice. By agreeing the parameters of any project delivered we can ensure that all work is completed on time and within budget.

Health and Safety is a priority for any business operating in Ireland. If not then it should be. We can advise and ensure that your company is serving your employees and your clients to the fullest of standards. Our experience is that when companies and organisations realise that their proactive approach to health and safety brings them added value they become a better company and a better employer. It simply makes good business sense. Providing a specialised range of safety related development skills EMS & Associates can assist your core business and personnel strategies to be delivered.

Training is hugely important for your progression – either as a company or an individual. We provide a range of courses focused on learner development. EMS & Associates are proud to partner with Dulann to offer online training courses as an alternative learning environment – why not take a look at some of our on line courses – its a great way to learn!

Our friendly learning environments are enhanced with professional audio-visual equipment and training equipment. We can provide training on site for you at your premises or in our dedicated training centre located just 2 minutes off the M1 Motorway (Junction 8) in Drogheda. We offer free WiFi to all our Visitors and Learners. Why not have a look around inside with our EMS Google 360 Tour!

EMS Training Room 1

The “Anaverna Training Room”

We have a very competent team of health and safety advisor’s, business development executives and trainers with a wide range of industry experience in various disciplines. We operate a stringent policy of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for all of our team to keep us up to date with current and future trends. We operate throughout all of Ireland and offer superb administrative back up from our EMS Support Team. Our aim is to provide a friendly, personal and professional service at all times.


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Safety Management ServiceSafe Pass

EMS & Associates have a comprehensive range of Safety Management Systems, built up over 20 years of experience, that can work for any business – irrespective of size and operation. We offer a complete Project Management System to ensure the highest practical standards are embedded in your daily operations. We offer a range of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to meet your requirements, 12 hours,24 hours, 36 hours, 48 Hours and 60 hours per annum can be purchased for a monthly fee. We can tailor each Service Level Agreement to suit your needs and spread the cost over the year. Why not give us call to see what we can do for you…………….


We can provide training at our Training Centre in Drogheda in a modern and friendly environment with state of the art audio-visual equipment and facilities. We also carry out training at clients’ places of work. We offer a number of public courses so don’t worry if you are 1 or 10 people we can accommodate your training needs!

Site Safety Management

Our Safety Advisor’s have an expansive knowledge of the construction sector. From the preparation of Site Safety Plans and Method Statement to Site Inspections, we can ensure your compliance with the Construction Regulations 2013.

DSE Assessment Service

Employees who use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) should have an assessment of their workstation to ensure the most ergonomically designed and applied systems of work are used. Display Screen Equipment is regulated under Chapter 5 – Part 2 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work General Application Regulations 2007. We provide a full DSE assessment service.


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