Display Screen Equipment is covered by Chapter 5 – Part 2 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work General Application Regulations 2007. The Regulations stipulate that employees are entitled to

  • A Risk Assessment on their Workstation
  • Information on the application of Safe Work Practices
  • Be trained in the safe use of their workstation
  • Be allowed periodic rest breaks
  • Provision of eye tests before working with Visual Display Units (V.D.U.)

Assessment Process

To facilitate the assessment we require each participant to complete a DSE Assessment Questionnaire which forms the basis for the DSE Assessment. The questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The DSE Assessor then carries out the assessment on each work station. A report of the assessment is provided for management, as required.

Assessment Format

During the assessment the following elements are considered:

Correct Posture – how we sit, stand and move
Workstation Design – monitor, keyboard and mouse
Workplace Layout – desktop and positioning
Lighting Levels – in the work area
Work Routine – rest and work periods
Assessment Period

Each Assessment takes approximately 15 minutes per participant.

Book Your Assessment

Please contact our friendly staff who will advise you on organising for a DSE Assessment to be carried out – Minimum 2 people! Our phone number is 041 98 22 933 or email us on info@emsandassociates.com or if you would like to download our brochure please click on the following link: DSE Assessment Service

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